Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 September Update Introduces Online Meetups & Experimental Drag

Article By 
Alan Walsh
September 11, 2018
Forza Motorsport 7

Forza Motorsport 7 September Update Introduces Online Meetups & Experimental Drag

Article By 
Alan Walsh
September 11, 2018

During its latest edition of the Forza Monthly broadcast show, Turn 10 Studios unveiled the September Update for Forza Motorsport 7, which builds upon the new features and additions made available in last month’s content release. If you missed it, that one introduced redrawn track limits with a revamped drifting experience – and it’d be an understatement to say the community absolutely loved it.

This month, there’s an all-new online Meetups feature coming to Forza Motorsport 7, as well as the Experimental Drag mode, which Turn 10 first teased last May. In addition, there’s an all-new Spotlight car being made available to players in the 1984 Nissan #11 Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette, as well as new data outputs for developers aspiring to build companion apps for Forza Motorsport 7.

Plus, there’s a host of improvements and fixes being introduced into Forza Motorsport 7 this month, which will be detailed on the September Release Notes over on the Forza Forums once the update drops this Tuesday, September 11th across Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. For now, let’s take a deeper look at everything new in Forza Motorsport 7 for the month of September.

Experimental Drag

Drag racing has existed in the Forza franchise for years, but it’s badly needed a fresh coat of paint for some time. With this month’s update, Turn 10 is introducing the first step in its evolution of drag racing in Forza Motorsport 7 – and it’s called ‘Experimental Drag.’ This mode is currently exclusive to the Dubai quarter-mile track in Free Play, and is designed to give players “a fun, authentic and, best of all, streamlined drag racing experience.”

What does all this mean? Well, after you’ve experienced the mode for yourself, you’ll see the differences between the traditional drag racing experience in Forza Motorsport 7 and the new ‘Experimental Drag’ mode. In this new, revamped experience, players have more control at the start of a drag race than ever before. Manage your engine RPM with free-rev throttle control at the starting line, keeping you deep in the RPM band when the green light drops. To compliment this, there’s a new ‘Christmas Tree’ light system that’s been added as a HUD element on-screen that counts down the start – and yes, if you jump the start you face disqualification. What’s more, however, is Turn 10 has illuminated the finish line so players can clearly see the end of the quarter-mile.

But the fun doesn’t end there – nor do you have to face a massive loading screen upon finishing your drag race. Once a race is done, players can hit a button and immediately be brought to the start line – ready for another stint. Furthermore, player rewards are now saved between each race and collected at the end of a session. That means fewer menus, less waiting, but more racing. Turn 10 has also added new statistics to the mode for players to check out, including data such as Total Time, Reaction Time, 60-foot Time, and Trap Speed. “It’s all part of our goal of making drag racing faster, more efficient, and more fun,” Turn 10 says. “In other words, just like on the track, we’re making every second count.”

As implied by the name, this is the first step being taken by Turn 10 to reimaging the drag racing experience in Forza. That means it’s currently a single-player experience on one quarter-mile track at the Dubai circuit. Turn 10 says it’ll be listening to player-feedback on the new ‘Experimental Drag’ mode in Forza Motorsport 7, and a feedback thread has been setup over on the Forza forums to gather contribution from players – including what they like, what they don’t like, what they’d like to see changed, and how they would like to see drag racing evolve in Forza Motorsport 7 moving forward.

Online Meetups

The next major feature coming to Forza Motorsport 7 in the September Update is online Meetups. This is one that has been designed for those who want to quickly load up a track in the game and hang out with their friends without any time limits or regulations to worry about.

Meetups is a new social hangouts feature that allows players to load into either a pre-existing Track Day Hopper or create their own Private Hopper and invite friends in for some on-track fun. In a Meetup lobby, players can drop in and drop out as much as they please, change cars in the lobby as many times as they like, and then load back into the track – seamlessly, and instantly. You can even tune your car on-track or the pre-race lobby as others are drifting, race, or just hanging out and socialising. Meetups allows you to do whatever you want, when you want, on any track available in Forza Motorsport 7.

In public Meetup lobbies, any player can initiate a vote to change the track by pausing the game and bringing up the list of circuits available in the game. Once a track has received more than 50% of the votes, it will be loaded in. In private Meetup lobbies, the host has control over everything. When the host changes tracks, the event will end after a brief timer countdown as all players are pulled back into the lobby until the next track has loaded in. The host can also change the scoring type of a Meetup lobby from drift scoring to time-based for hot-laps, which is great for practise sessions and qualifying ahead of a race event. Additionally, you don’t need everyone to be ready in the lobby to start a Meetup – they can just join in whenever they’re prepared.

There’s also one other benefit of Meetups in Forza Motorsport 7, and that’s the availability of the Test Track Airfield in a mode outside of Tag for the first time. This track is a fantastic location for drivers to ‘hoon’ around and for drifters to slide across and let loose. It’s also great for hosting car meetups because not only is this a fantastic hangout location, but you can easily swap and change cars on the fly by seamlessly returning to the lobby and loading back in. Additionally, this track locale has no race line, which means drift points are judged solely on angle and speed in this mode – and not whether you’re adhering to a race line or not.

Data Out Update

The June Update for Forza Motorsport 7 saw the introduction of the Data Out feature, which outputs a UDP stream that development-centric Forza players can take advantage of to build companion apps, data logging, dashboards and more. The Data Out functionality released in June was designed to support motion sleds, but with the September Update, Turn 10 is introducing almost 30 new pieces of data, including speed, power and torque. Essentially, anything that the player can see in the Forza Motorsport 7 HUD can now be outputted as a data stream.

In addition, this month’s update will see the previous data structure in the initial Data Out release renamed to ‘Sled’ in the game menus. The new version – known as V2, features all the same Sled data outputs as before, as well as the new data outputs being introduced this month. For a look at the new data structure in Forza Motorsport 7, be sure to check out the official Data Out post over on the Forza Forums. Additionally, for a look at what’s possible with Data Out streams, be sure to check out our player profile of 2018 ForzaRC Series 1 Champion and developer, Robin ‘bbbb0x’ Betka.

New Spotlight Car: 1984 Nissan #11 Super Silhouette

Let’s have a look at the September Spotlight car for Forza Motorsport 7, the 1984 Nissan #11 Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette. As usual, you can expect an assortment of events to be built up around this car – which you can find detailed below, but for now, here’s the official description provided by Turn 10 Studios of this mid-80s Japanese racing beauty, and according to the developer, its on-track performance is just as aggressive as its classic shape!

“The 1980s were known for many things: big hair, New Wave music, and of course Group 5 race cars. Group 5 rules were, if anything, simple. Teams had to use the stock hood and roofline; other than that, the rules were relatively open. The Skyline Super Silhouette, the top tier member of the Nissan “Turbo Corps” that also included the Bluebird and Silvia in similar period dress, had a massive wide-body, a turbo-charged twin-cam motor, and tons of aero enhancements. This factory-built specialty was driven by Masahiro Hasemi whose name is synonymous with this era and had driven everything from Formula One cars to motocross bikes. Can this car hold its own among cars of its bosozoku-inspiring era? Without a doubt. Can you handle a car that takes more control and finesse than a similarly dated open wheel racer? That is yet to be seen.”

September Monthly Events

As well as the Nissan Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette, there’s a variety of new events coming into Forza Motorsport 7 this month for players to discover.

In terms of Rivals, there’s an assortment of new Skyline-themed events to check out in-game, including one on Suzuka East and another at Maple Valley. The Skyline Super Silhouette will feature in its own event on Daytona Sports Car circuit beginning this week as well. In addition, the ForzaRC Turn 10 Bounty Hunter event is open still going strong – and it’s ready and waiting for your best lap times. Beat any of the Turn 10 staffers and you’ll win some incredible cars and a pile of credits to spend on anything you desire.

This week, the ‘Wheels of Fire’ Leagues season officially began in Forza Motorsport 7, and this one features a variety of different cars to take out onto the track and race. There’s a series dedicated to the Nissan Skyline family – a perfect place to put that new Nissan Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette to use, as well as events featuring the Koenigsegg Regera, Formula E cars, Early Prototype Racers, Forza Group Rally, and a Drift Spec event starring the HUSV Limited Edition GEN-F GTS Maloo, among others. For more details on Forza Racing Leagues and how they work, be sure to hit up our detailed guide.

Of course, there’s also a host of Forzathon events coming in September. Some of these will feature big credit rewards and Driver Gear outfits, such as the ‘Motorcycle Cop,’ ‘Spa Day,’ and ‘Disco Diver’ suits. There’s also a chance to unlock exclusive cars like the ultra-rare 2017 Ford GT Forza Edition, previously only available to those who earned 100% completion in the Forza Driver’s Cup, as well as the 1998 Subaru Impreza 22B STi Forza Edition, and the elusive 1958 MG MGA Twin-Cam – which is the reward in the current month-long ‘September Showcase’ Forzathon event.

Discover the September Update for Forza Motorsport 7

There you have it, the September Update for Forza Motorsport 7 – the latest content release for Turn 10’s newest racing game. It’ll be available to download on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs from approximately 6pm BST (10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern) on Tuesday, September 11th.

Whether you’re racing the all-new 1984 Nissan #11 Skyline Turbo Super Silhouette, socializing with your friends in an online Meetup, drag racing to victory on Dubai or participating in some of the new monthly community events, this update offers a little something for everyone and sets the stage for everything else the Forza franchise has in store for the month of September. Between the early access launch of Forza Horizon 4 on September 28th for Ultimate Edition owners and the ForzaRC Series 2 Playoffs in Mexico City at the end of the month, this is certainly one exciting time of the year for Forza fans to say the least.

Should you have missed the Forza Monthly September broadcast, you can check out the entire livestream on-demand over on YouTube. Not only did it feature plenty of Forza Motorsport 7 goodness, but there was also new Forza Horizon 4 gameplay featuring its incredible roster of cars, as well as the world premiere of the ‘Halo Showcase Experience.’ In addition, ForzaRC caster Alie Tacq joined the show to discuss all-things related to the Forza Racing Championship ahead of the Series 2 Playoffs action in Mexico City later this month and the world finals in London, England this October.

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