Forza Racing Championship

Every Driver And Team Competing At The ForzaRC Seattle Invitational

Article By 
Isaac Forcella
March 15, 2018
Forza Racing Championship

Every Driver And Team Competing At The ForzaRC Seattle Invitational

Article By 
Isaac Forcella
March 15, 2018

In just over a week, 19 of the fastest drivers on Forza Motorsport 7 will be taking part in a Pre-Season Invitational event for the 2018 Forza Racing Championship. Ahead of the event, I want to take a look at what you can expect from each of the drivers and teams taking part.

In total, there will be 19 drivers competing – with 12 of these drivers coming from one of the four teams that will take part in the team events. These four teams are Alien Motorsport, F4H Motorsport, Japspeed Racing and Virtual Drivers by TX3. The additional seven drivers are made up of drivers in teams who won’t be competing in the team races, and independent drivers. The full list of competitors can be found below.

The Teams:

Alien Motorsport (AMS)

Drivers: RoadRunner, Europa, McQueen

You can expect AMS to put up a real fight at the Seattle Invitational, and certainly cause a few upsets. Coming off the back of a Forza Racing Championship Season 3 victory for RoadRunner, the Welshman will hope to maintain his position at the top of podium come Saturday’s event. Europa will look to dominate in anything P class, but that doesn’t mean he’s a slouch in the lower classes. The same can be said for McQueen, who rounds out the AMS trio. Arguably the dark horse of the group, McQueen has been quietly impressing in all sorts of events – including ORL’s Porsche Super Cup Invitational. He’ll be intending to cement his name as one the best on the game.

F4H Motorsport (F4H)

Drivers: Venom, ForceOne, Racerz

F4H are practically synonymous with Forza esports, having been around for over a decade. They’re by far the longest standing team in the line-up, but they aren’t old codgers by any stretch of the imagination. Young guns ForceOne and Racerz will be hoping to prove age isn’t a factor when it comes to talent – something the pair each have by the bucket load. The two will both be aiming to complete their rapid rise to the top of the Forza esports scene with a victory at the Invitational. Joining the pair is Venom, a P and X class specialist just like AMS’ Europa. Once again, just like Europa, that doesn’t mean he’s slow in the lower classes, with a long track record of success in pretty much anything he gets behind the wheel of.

Virtual Drivers by TX3 (TX3)

Drivers: Lightning, HardBR, MisterJack

French team TX3 have tasted Forza Racing Championship victory before, when Laige piloted a trademark luminous green TX3 Ford to the Season 1 title. Following Laige’s departure from the team, TX3 looked to replace the formidable driver. After receiving backing from esports organisation Team LDLC, they did so in the form of New York Invitational champion Lightning - the first person to end Laige’s Forza Racing Championship dominance. HardBR (previously JSR ZooM) joined TX3 at the same time as Lightning, and is a fierce leaderboard driver. Unlike some leaderboard drivers however, HardBR is able to maintain his one lap pace over the course of an entire race. The final TX3 driver will be MisterJack, a long time TX3 driver with a solid set of results to back up his position in the team.

Japspeed Racing (JSR)

Drivers: Rossi, Craviator, Commando

Finally, JSR rounds out the teams taking part in the team races. They will be hoping to put their men on top in Seattle, with a line-up certainly capable of doing so. Scotsman Rossi is one of the most formidable drivers you’ll ever come up against. As of yet, Rossi hasn’t won in the Forza Racing Championship – we may finally see him step up and take victory in Seattle. Teammate Commando meanwhile will also have his sights set firmly on victory, having proven his pace on leaderboards and in events alike. Finally, Craviator will be taking full advantage of the offline nature of the event in order to best show off his ability. A driver marred by internet issues, Aussie Craviator will intend to show everyone what he can do when connection isn’t a factor.

The Drivers:


Currently the winningest driver in Forza Racing Championship history, with 2 titles to his name, Laige will have just one goal in mind. Get back on top. Having slipped up in New York and in Season 3, Laige will be hoping he can pick up an Invitational victory to add to his collection, and to give him the momentum heading into Season 1 of the Forza Racing Championship 2018.


The German National is (in his own words) a senior citizen when it comes to the world of esports. At the ripe old age of 24, he has been able to maintain his pace for an incredible amount of time. Having stepped onto the podium at the Season 3 finals alongside Lightning and Laige amongst others - bbb0x is now an independent driver with no team association, following the disastrous implosion of the eSPORTS+CARS team.


After qualifying for the McLaren World’s Fastest Gamer competition on Forza Motorsport 6, Harmonic will be looking to take another victory at the Seattle Invitational. Another victim of the eSPORTS+CARS implosion, Harmonic is now also an independent driver - but that won’t stop him from putting up a fight at the top end of the field.


Chriz has been competing on Forza Motorsport titles for years, and is definitely one of the ‘old boys’ like bbb0x. He’s just taken part in the TORA Sebring 12 Hours with the Wipperman Racing team, winning the event in the GT class – proving he’s still got it.


Australian driver Nee will be representing Team Highlands Racing (THR) at the Invitational. Their sole driver will hope to build on success he has enjoyed competing on Forza Motorsport 7 in the Harvey Norman Supercars Challenge at Bathurst in 2017. He’ll be hoping to shake the field up a bit and provide some upsets.

MD ChicPizza and MD Hydr0gen

I wish I could give more insight for these two drivers. However, they are both Chinese competitors who have received invitations to the event after their efforts at the Forza Racing Championship ChinaJoy event. After their performances, they and some other Chinese Forza drivers created the team MD. Beyond that, I have literally no knowledge of the drivers as they are completely unknown in the Forza esports community. I will be watching on excitedly though however, as new talent is always entertaining to watch, and engaging the growing Chinese market is ideal for the Forza Racing Championship.

The Forza Racing Championship Seattle Invitational will take place on Saturday 24th March. Get the full run down of the event structure here. Or to see the 2018 Forza Racing Championship road map and timeline of events check out our previous coverage. FullThrottleMedia will be at the Seattle Invitational with Alan as well as myself, so expect plenty of coverage from the event itself. Oh and by the way, my money is on Rossi to win – you heard it here first!

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