Forza Motorsport 7

Forzathon Celebrates A Heritage of Speed In Yet Another World Tour

Article By 
Alan Walsh
January 26, 2018
Forza Motorsport 7

Forzathon Celebrates A Heritage of Speed In Yet Another World Tour

Article By 
Alan Walsh
January 26, 2018

Turn 10 Studios has added a new Forzathon event to Forza Motorsport 7. There’s currently one available in-game as of writing, but two more are currently showing up in the Xbox Live Achievements list for the game, suggesting that additional events are on the way.

The ‘Forza World Tour Part 2’ event sees players race across Bathurst, Dubai, and Rio de Janerio in a quest to unlock the classic 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe.

Meanwhile, in Forza Horizon 3, the current Forzathon is appropriately named ‘Heritage of Speed,’ and it’s offering the 2017 Ford GT Horizon Edition.

Looking ahead, the Achievements list for Forza Motorsport 7 shows two more Forzathon events that are most likely coming soon – ‘To the Slopes!’ and ‘Creative Corner.’ The first of these offers the 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale, whilst the latter is offering the Motion Capture Driver Gear.

You can find the breakdown for each Forzathon event below.

#Forzathon Forza World Tour Part 2

  1. ‍Drive 5 miles on Bathurst in an Australian car
  2. Go more than 180mph in Dubai
  3. Finish in the Top 3 at Rio de Janeiro

Prize: 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe

Date: January 23rd – February 9th (Extended to February 28th)

This event is extremely straightforward. Simply head to Bathurst for a few laps in your favourite Aussie car – a V8 Supercar from Holden being my first choice, and drive for 5 miles. You’ll then need a fast car for Dubai to hit 180mph – a LaFerrari or Koenigsegg One:1 should do the trick. Then by achieving a podium finish on Rio de Janeiro, you’ll have all three challenges in the bag, and the 1932 Ford De Luxe Five-Window Coupe will be yours.

As usual, the events may require an additional attempt before they’re tracked in-game, or you can simply load up another race event to trigger it. Free Play is always your best bet for Forzathon events, and that doesn’t change. You can customize the number of Drivatars in each event and the cars you drive to your liking, so feel free to take whatever you desire for these events – just make sure it’s fast enough to beat each of the challenges available!

Forza Horizon 3: Heritage of Speed

  • ‍Competitive Legacy: Win a Championship in the Ford MKII GT40 to receive the 2017 Ford GT Horizon Edition.
  • Racing History: Complete a Race in a Ford to earn 55,000 XP and 55,000 Credits.
  • Off The Line: Perform 30 Burnout Skills to receive 35,000 Credits.
  • High-Performance Endurance: Play 3 Playground Games in the 2017 Ford GT Horizon Edition to win 3 Wheelspins.

Date: January 26th – February 2nd

With the release of the Xbox One X Enhanced version of Forza Horizon 3, many have returned to the Australian Outback once more, so I figured it was worth including the Forza Horizon 3 challenges available over the next week. These are all about experiencing the birth of a Le Mans legacy, and whilst the Ford MKII GT40 costs 3,300,000 Credits from the Autoshow, it deserves to be in everyone’s garage.

Overall, the challenges here are straightforward enough, though the 3 Playground Games in the 2017 Ford GT Horizon Edition will likely take the longest unless you do 1-minute rounds with your friends in a Private online session. Similarly, the Championship can be customized using Horizon Blueprint to three short one-lap events, also knocking out the Race event in a Ford in the process.

#Forzathon To The Slopes!

  1. ‍Get a 10,000 Drift Score on a single lap on the Bernese Alps Festival Circuit Reverse
  2. Complete 3 laps on the Bernese Alps Club Circuit
  3. Win a race in a Modern Off-Roader Division Car in the Bernese Alps

Prize: 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale

Date: January 23rd – February 28th

Like the other Forzathon events in Forza Motorsport 7, this one should be easily doable in Free Play. Simply set the game mode to ‘Drift’ and slide your way towards 10,000 points in a single lap on the Bernese Alps Festival Circuit Reverse, before returning to that same location for 3 laps on the Bernese Alps Club Circuit. You’ll be staying on the Alps for a racing victory in a Modern Off-Roader Division Car on the full circuit to win yourself the 1974 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale.

#Forzathon Creative Corner

  1. ‍Paint a car
  2. Change your Driver Gear
  3. Finish any race

Prize: Motion Capture Driver Gear

Date: January 23rd – February 28th

This Forzathon event has to be the easiest and shortest one yet in Forza Motorsport 7! Simply change the colour on any car you desire or add a decal to complete the first challenge. Then as you load into a race event, change your Driver Gear suit, and simply finish the race in any car and track combo that you desire and the Motion Capture Driver Gear suit will be yours.


These are all the Forzathon events available over the next few weeks in Forza Motorsport 7. Remember, Turn 10 can run multiple Forzathon events and challenges at once, and can even add new ones and swap out older ones.

Not only does this allow players far more time to complete the challenges and earn the prizes available, but it also means that multiple instances of Forzathon can be active at once within the event period, which is a stark contrast to Forza Horizon 3, where only one Forzathon event with either three challenges and one deal or four total challenges could be available at once, usually over the course of a weekend, a full week, or sometimes even one-day for special occasions.

Given that Turn 10 can add new Forzathon events to Forza Motorsport 7 whenever they desire, it means players can always look forward to the addition of new challenges and prizes over the coming weeks and months. Plus, the fact that players have had more than two weeks to complete each event so far is a huge bonus. Not to mention the neat little progress bar for each event and challenge as well.

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