Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport’s July Update Adds New Cars, Track and Microtransactions

Article By 
Alan Walsh
July 30, 2018
Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport’s July Update Adds New Cars, Track and Microtransactions

Article By 
Alan Walsh
July 30, 2018

After several teases, Polyphony Digital has released the July Update for Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation 4. This one introduces a selection of stunning race cars and classic automobiles, as well as an all-new track location with three unique layouts, fresh GT League events, and microtransactions that allow you to purchase over 200 of GT Sport’s vehicles as downloadable content from the PlayStation Store.

Discover 7 Spectacular New Race Machines

The July Update for Gran Turismo Sport introduces seven all-new spectacular vehicles to the game, including the momentous 2017 Mercedes F1 racing machine that saw Lewis Hamilton win the Formula 1 championship last year. Hamilton has worked with Gran Turismo in the past and has even appeared in promotional videos with Gran Turismo franchise creator and Polyphony Digital president, Kazunori Yamauchi.

As well as the Mercedes Formula 1 race car driven by Hamilton, there’s also a selection of legendary Ferraris and K-Cars to discover in this release, which represent a unique side of Japanese car culture. Below, you can have a look at the complete line-up:

  • ‍2017 Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+
  • 2002 Daihatsu Copen Active Top
  • 1991 Honda Beat
  • 2015 Honda S660
  • 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT
  • 2005 Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car
  • 1991 Mazda 787B

Purchase Brand Central Rides with Microtransactions

As well as the seven new race vehicles, the July Update for Gran Turismo Sport also allows you to purchase cars using real-world currency. All vehicles within the game that cost less than 2 million credits can be purchased from the PlayStation Store as microtransactions. Polyphony Digital says that there are no cars only available for cash, and nothing will change in the way players currently earn and unlock cars either.

In addition, the most expensive vehicles in Gran Turismo Sport remain exclusive to purchases using in-game currency. Therefore, drivers will still have to prove their skills and ability out on the track to earn enough credits and unlock the best cars in the game. The new micro-payment system will be available in Asian and American regions today before going live in EMEA and Oceania regions on August 2nd, 2018.

Drive the All-New Sainte-Croix Circuit

The Sainte-Croix Circuit is an all-new fictional circuit being introduced into Gran Turismo Sport with the July Update. This one is based on the scenic Lake of Sainte-Croix in the Provence region of France. It’s a 10-kilometre course with three distinct layouts that offer tricky radial corners with long straights, requiring a high level of driving skill to achieve fast lap times. The track also tests the adaptability of drivers, Polyphony says.

Furthermore, all three variants of the Sainte-Croix Circuit can be enjoyed and raced in reverse, which allows for six unique configurations of this track in total.

Complete 3 New GT League Events

The July Update for Gran Turismo Sport also introduces three new events for the GT League campaign mode. These include the Light Weight K Cup, the Nostalgic Car Festival, and the Mercedes AMG Grand Prix. Below, you can find the full rundown of all three events:

  • ‍Lightweight K Cup (Beginner League): This is a race for compact cars available only in Japan, powered by 660-cc displacement engines.
  • Nostalgic Car Festival (Amateur League): Bask in the beautiful design and sensuous sounds of famed cars from a bygone era.
  • Mercedes AMG Grand Prix (Professional League): This one-make event features the F1 W08 EQ Power+, which led Lewis Hamilton to his series victory in 2017.

In addition, new rounds have been added to the following events to complete: F150 Raptor Survival (Beginner League), 4WD Challenge (Amateur League), Vision Gran Turismo Trophy+ (Professional League), and Porsche Cup (Endurance League).

Furthermore, the Circuit de la Sarthe has been added to the ‘Circuit Experience’ within the campaign.

Drivers Take The Spotlight in the Livery Editor & Scapes

With the July Update for Gran Turismo Sport, painters will now be able to apply decals to their racing suits and helmets and create custom liveries for them, which will appear across races, photos and the in-game user interface. Previously, you could only change the colour of these, but now the community will be able to make them to share online with the entire GT Sport fanbase.

Photographers can also place drivers into various Scapes backgrounds within the ‘Scenes Containing People’ collection, which is a new section within Spots. There’s also new Scapes spots that have been added to the ‘Tokyo Outer Ring Road, Chiba’ collection.

Race in the Gran Turismo Sport July Update Today

Discover the cars, content and features of the July Update today for Gran Turismo Sport. Whether you’re checking out the new vehicle additions, painting driver helmets and suits or racing on the Sainte-Croix Circuit, this update offers a lot to check out. It’s available to download now on PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide, and you can check out the full official patch notes for the full rundown of changes, improvements and adjustments.


Whilst the addition of microtransactions will surprise many, especially after last week’s announcement from Turn 10 Studios that it will not be adding in-game micro-payments to Forza Motorsport 7 or Forza Horizon 4, the rest of the update is sure to please many diehard racing fans – especially with Lewis Hamilton’s 2017 Mercedes-AMG F1 race machine being introduced to the game. Furthermore, the new Sainte-Croix Circuit and Livery Editor features are sure to be considered welcomed additions by all.

The last content update for Gran Turismo Sport arrived in May and it introduced the Circuit de la Sarthe with a host of race cars in celebration of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June. Polyphony Digital also recently debuted a new companion app for the game on iOS and Android devices. For more on Gran Turismo Sport in the future, keep it locked to FullThrottle Media.

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