Grand Theft Auto Online

Bravado Gauntlet Classic Now Available in GTA Online

Article By 
Alan Walsh
August 8, 2019
Grand Theft Auto Online

Bravado Gauntlet Classic Now Available in GTA Online

Article By 
Alan Walsh
August 8, 2019

Rockstar Games has introduced a new muscle car into Grand Theft Auto Online with the arrival of the Bravado Gauntlet Classic. Now available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for GTA$615K. It’s the second drip-feed vehicle to be released since July’s grand opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort, which saw GTA Online break records for the highest number of players in a day, week and month.

But the success doesn’t stop there – Grand Theft Auto V was also the best-selling video game in the UK throughout the first half of 2019, selling a total of 361,312 units across both retail and digital storefronts, as revealed by the Entertainment Retailer’s Association and later publicized by AR12Gaming. Rockstar’s open-world western epic, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the fourth best-selling game in the country so far this year, eclipsing 259,931 units, with FIFA 19 and The Division 2 trailing ahead.

In the UK, Grand Theft Auto V also performed better than several blockbuster movies, including Avengers – Infinity War, Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse and The Greatest Showman. It also outsold every new album released throughout 2019, except for The Greatest Showman’s official soundtrack.

This week, residents of Southern San Andreas who log into GTA Online will receive the Red Diamond Casino & Resort Tee, on the house, whilst benefitting from 2x GTA$ & RP from Casino Work missions. Just dial Ms. Baker to trigger one of these Freemode-based assignments as a VIP or CEO. In addition, all Bodyguards & Associated can take advantage of Doubled Salaries all week long.

Those feeling fortunate can give the Lucky Wheel a free spin once every day at The Diamond Casino & Resort for a chance to win GTA$, RP and exclusive clothing, as well as this week’s top reward, the iconic and stylish Pegassi Infernus Classic.

The Casino Store has rotated its available stock this week, offering refreshed clothing and accessories such as new High Roller Jacket styles, Waistcoats and Masks or exotic pieces of artwork to adorn your Master Penthouse by contemporary artists like Gaspar Losa, Trenton Goode and Cande Viteri.

Rockstar Games is also offering an array of discounts this week in GTA Online, including the following:

  • Mobile Operations Center – 40% off
  • Mammoth Avenger – 40% off
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte – 40% off
  • BF Dune FAV – 40% off
  • Declasse Weaponized Tampa – 40% off
  • HVY APC – 40% off
  • Weaponized Vehicle Workshops – 40% off
  • Weapon Workshop – 40%
  • All Garages – 30% off
  • Arena War Mechanics – 35% off

Twitch Prime members who have successfully linked their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts can take advantage of 70% off the submersible Ocelot Stromberg and 85% off all Yachts. They will also receive an additional 10% discount on all this week’s vehicle and amenity discounts listed above. GTA Online players who have connected their accounts can still purchase a Master Penthouse and receive a rebate for the cost of the base suite within 72 hours.

Finally, those who qualified for the first round of Diamond Program membership rewards will receive the following by Tuesday, August 13th:

  • Silver Status – Black Diamond Tee & "She's Loaded" Wall Art
  • Gold Status – Truffade Tee & Ink Inc. Livery for the Truffade Thrax
  • Platinum Status – Lucky 7s Tattoo & Kronos Ara Watch
  • Diamond Status – Yeti Livery for the Armored Enus Paragon R and eCola Livery for the Annis S80RR

These items will be marked as “free” in the appropriate store menus. Rockstar Games says that it will have more details on how to qualify for the second round of Diamond Program rewards soon, with new gameplay, vehicles and more to come soon from The Diamond Casino & Resort.

In the meantime, Rockstar Games has also issued thank you gifts to all GTA Online players who participated in the grand opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort between July 23rd and August 3rd with a pair of stylish memorabilia items and a GTA$250K gift.

Log in today to receive your cash bonus, along with the Ash Diamond Hoodie and The Diamond Casino & Resort Wall Art – both available on the house from the Casino Store. Expect all gifts to be delivered by Sunday, August 11th.

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