Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Receives the Western Rampant Rocket

Article By 
Alan Walsh
November 4, 2019
Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Receives the Western Rampant Rocket

Article By 
Alan Walsh
November 4, 2019

Nothing screams excitement louder than the supercharged roar of the Western Rampant Rocket, a three-wheeled motorbike-style machine made for the next decade of bikers. For just $925,000 at Legendary Motorsport, this unique vehicle of pure class is yours in GTA Online.

Complimenting the arrival of the Western Rampant Rocket this week is an all-new Alien Survival Series that lets you play as an extra-terrestrial, fighting off wave after wave of heavily armed NOOSE teams, FIB agents and the Marines across seven maps. The playlist is paying out Double Rewards before the event period concludes, so don’t miss out.

But the oddities don’t stop there. Peyote Plants have been sighted across Southern San Andreas, allowing those ludicrous enough to consume these psychoactive alkaloids to transform into a creature like no other with the correct dosage. Lookout for the cacti-like shrubs around the state, but tread carefully – overconsumption of their mescaline can often result in dangerous side effects.

Those who log into GTA Online this week before November 6th will receive both the Choose Your Side Tee and the Invade and Persuade Hero Tee. Meanwhile, Double Rewards are being paid out across spooky game modes such as Slasher(s), Lost vs. Damned, Condemned, Come Out to Play and Beast vs. Slasher through November 6th. Past seasonal items such as the Lurcher Hearse and Fränken Stange, along with Halloween Masks are all back this week at a 35% discount.

Halloween decorations adorn The Diamond Casino & Resort with a temporary makeover this week only, whilst the Lucky Wheel’s top prize is the LCC Sanctus – a Goth chopper fitted with glowing red headlights that accelerates like a bat out of hell. Other prizes include GTA$, RP, clothing and more. Over in the Casino Store are some ghastly Halloween-themed Sculptures, Wall Art and Masks.

This week’s discounts include a variety of price markdowns on a range of supercars, motorbikes and militarized vehicles, as well as a variety of seasonal items. Here’s the full breakdown:

  • Albany Lurcher – 35% off
  • Albany Fränken Stange – 35% off
  • Halloween Masks – 35% off
  • Truffade Thrax (Super) – 25% off
  • Annis S80RR (Super) – 25% off
  • Obey 8F Drafter (Sports) – 25% off
  • Weeny Issi Sport (Sports) – 25% off
  • Nagasaki Shotaro (Motorcycle) – 25% off
  • Canis Kamacho (Off-Road) – 30% off
  • BF Ramp Buggy (Warstock) – 40% off
  • Jobuilt Phantom Wedge (Warstock)  – 40% off
  • MTL Wastelander (Warstock) – 40% off
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000 (Warstock) – 40% off
  • Enus Paragon R (Sports) – 25% off
  • Widowmaker – 30% off
  • Up-n-Atomizer – 30% off
  • Unholy Hellbringer – 30% off

Twitch Prime bonuses continue this week for those who’ve linked their accounts to Rockstar Games Social Club. Take 80% off the Weaponized Tampa and 85% off the Brute Armored Boxville helicopter, as well as a further 10% discount on all the above incentives. Players also receive a 100% rebate on the base properties of the Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 and the Lago Zancudo Bunker after purchase.

Stay tuned for more news as Rockstar Games plans to deliver “many more updates” to GTA Online, with new gameplay, vehicles and events slated to arrive in the weeks ahead.

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