Red Dead Online: Should You Buy The Outlaw Pass No. 5?

Article By 
Alan Walsh
March 16, 2021

Red Dead Online: Should You Buy The Outlaw Pass No. 5?

Article By 
Alan Walsh
March 16, 2021

The Outlaw Pass No. 5 has arrived in Red Dead Online and it features a sizeable selection of unique gifts and rewards to unlock across 80 Club Ranks.

The headline embellishments include a new loving canine companion in the Sable Australian Shepherd Camp Dog, the all-majestical Faucheux Outfit featuring a unique snakeskin coat with caped shoulders and a set of decorative claws, the slim-fitting Aguado Jacket with leather and full-fringing, the hand-tooled padded but stylish Portbridge Vest adorned with studded buckles and there's even a selection of new Horse customization options, including the neatly groomed Tousled Mane, the modishly elongated Unkempt Mane, the chicly Handlebar Moustache and the profusely thick Bushy Moustache, as well as new colour variations of the lavish Wild Tail.

Cute doggo alert! Raise your very own Sable Australian Shepherd at Camp.

The newest Outlaw Pass also introduces new Bar Photos to decorate your Moonshine Shack, character Emotes to express your happiness, anger, disappointment or relief, new Camp Flags that spruce up your lodgings and fresh cosmetic modifications for your weapons. There’s even some fancy new Belt Buckles prominently focused on the animalities of some of Van der Linde’s senior acquaintances.

In addition, photographers will find numerous new filters for the Advanced Camera as well as new Photo Studio backdrops, while gunslingers from all over can make use of the various Ammo and Bow pouches to carry additional ammunition in their inventory. I do wish these upgrades also applied to High Velocity, Split Point and Express rounds instead of just Standard ammo, but I digress. Lastly, there’s also various Role XP boosts that remain active until the pass expires. These have become a staple of each Outlaw Pass since the inaugural offering and help players progress further in each Specialist Role at a speedier pace.

Battle the mysterious fiends of night in the elegantly crafted Faucheux Outfit.

Upgrading to The Outlaw Pass No. 5 costs 35 Gold Bars and upon completion of all 80 Club Ranks, you’ll find 25 Gold Bars to redeem in the Benefits submenu. Those who acquire the pass before Tuesday, March 23rd will receive an additional 10 Gold Bars. Rockstar clearly does this to incentivise players to upgrade as quickly as possible. While I’d prefer if all 35 Gold Bars were earnable regardless of purchase date, I’d highly recommend those who do wish to invest into The Outlaw Pass No. 5 do so this week to ensure your entire purchase is rebated.

Otherwise, I still believe The Outlaw Pass No. 5 is a worthy pick-up for frequent Red Dead Online players. It’s available until May 31st, 2021 which gives everyone plenty of time to complete it. With it possible to earn XP across all activities in Red Dead Online, it should pose no trouble. Whether you’re just defying the law in the rancher town of Valentine, bringing Bounty targets in dead or alive, selling Moonshine, hunting animals or selling samples to Harriet, finding collectibles, competing in Showdowns or just having fun with your friends, there’s no shortage of ways to reap XP in Red Dead Online – even if you’re a new player, which is a big part of why I enjoy ranking up every Outlaw Pass so much. Everything you do in the game contributes to it, regardless of your playstyle or choice of pursuit.

The Portbridge Vest is undoubtedly one of the signature highlights of the latest Outlaw Pass.

Even if you don’t have enough Gold Bars to purchase The Outlaw Pass No. 5 immediately, you’ll still earn Club XP at the same rate as pass holders. This means you can reach Rank 80 in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club before committing to purchase and instantly receive 25 Gold Bars back if you decide to upgrade. Should you decide otherwise, there’s still a selection of freebies for everyone, including the Faucheux Gloves, the hilariously brilliant Fake Beard – one that should give you and your fellow outlaws some laughs, a variety of weapon wraps, a free Ability Card voucher, parcels containing ammunition, tonics, provisions and collectibles; free Moonshine Mash refills, redeemable RDO$ vouchers and the amusing but somewhat childish Fiddlehead emote – which is certain to become my taunt of choice for greeting fellow players upon reaching Club Rank 80.

Whether you enjoy the contents of the latest Outlaw Pass or not is purely subjective. Some are certain to be captivated by its more enchanting theme, while others may find it too outlandish. No matter side you fall into however, there’s useful rewards for every kind of Red Dead Online player and if you’re a regular cowpoke, I do recommend investing into it now and completing it before the end of May to earn back that initial buy-in alongside all the cool unlocks. I’ve always considered The Outlaw Pass to be a hamper full of goodies and whichever ones you find most useful or attractive will typically vary on a player-to-player basis. Me personally, I’ll be rocking the new Faucheux Outfit once unlocked and ensuring my horse is looking dapper with a fresh hairstyle. I also expect the Portbridge Vest will become a dominant facet of my saved outfits.

Personally, I do wish The Outlaw Pass No. 5 featured more garments. Previous editions have offered beloved outfits from prominent Story Mode characters like Arthur, John, Charlies, Javier, Bill and Sadie. It’d be fantastic to see more of these – including the highly coveted attire of Dutch van der Line – in future passes, alongside additional new clothing pieces tailormade for Red Dead Online. In this department, there’s no shortage of possibilities and more choice is only a good thing. I also like how recent Outlaw Passes have featured new horse and weapon customization options and I’d like to see that further expanded with new wagon options and liveries, exclusive horse coats and warpaints, as well as various personalization options for potential future player-owned vehicles like stagecoaches, boats and perhaps that all elusive hot air balloon from Story Mode. That one would certainly be a fantastic and scenic addition to Red Dead Online, but enough of my rambling before this article turns into a wishlist – let’s check out some of the various offers and benefits that are active this week only.

Check out the full set of rewards and unlocks available in The Outlaw Pass No. 5 on the Red Dead Online Community website. Here you’ll also find images of all the clothing items, emotes, belt buckles and various other goodies included, as well as a breakdown of the free and paid rewards.

Bonuses and Rewards Available This Week

This week in Red Dead Online, visit any Stranger across the five states and complete their available missions to earn double RDO$ and XP. Rockstar is also offering triple XP for conquering Gang Hideouts should you encounter them on your travels. Meanwhile, by completing a Moonshiner or Trader Sale over the next seven days, you’ll find yourself with a voucher for 30% off any Established or Distinguished Role Item.

Free Roam Missions are offered across the frontier by familiar faces including Sadie Adler.

There are also various Role-specific unlocks available to those who simply play Red Dead Online at any point this week:

  • Naturalists will receive a complementary Legendary Ghost Panther Sample.
  • Collectors will be sent 5 American Wildflowers.
  • Traders will receive 2 batches of 25 Trader Goods.
  • Moonshiners will be given 5 free Mash Refills and an offer for 30% off a Novice or Promising Moonshiner Item. Moonshine Shacks can also be relocated for FREE this week.

Discounts include 40% off the Refined Binoculars, the Wilderness Camp, Moonshine Still Upgrades and on all Trading Wagons (except the Hunting Wagon), plus 30% off the cost of all Role Outfits and Hats. Be sure to visit any Tailor or General Store to view their stock of limited-time clothing, which includes the Fernwater Coat, the Hopeman Vest, the Morning Tail Coat, the Strickland Boots, the Vaquero Baroque Spurs, the Squat Stovepipe Top Hat, the Hitched Skirt, the Concho Pants and the Gardenia Hat.

The Tousled Horse Mane exclusive to The Outlaw Pass No. 5.

Finally, there’s also a selection of new discounts for Prime Gaming members. Those who’ve successfully linked their Twitch account to Rockstar Games Social Club before April 12th will receive an offer for 40% off any Saddle, as well as vouchers good for 30% off select Multi-Class Horses and select Horse Care Pamphlets from the Fence. There’s also still a free Bounty Hunter License as well as the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery available for all active Prime Gaming subscribers.

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