Red Dead Online’s New Freelance Prospects Offer A Lot of Gunfire and Smoke

Article By 
Alan Walsh
February 16, 2021

Red Dead Online’s New Freelance Prospects Offer A Lot of Gunfire and Smoke

Article By 
Alan Walsh
February 16, 2021

Red Dead Online has received a new solo-focused work opportunity in the form of “A New Source of Employment.” These missions are accessed through the telegram sent to your Camp Lockbox and the local Post Office by a strange new character who simply refers to himself as “J.”

Once you’ve opened his message, you’ll have access to 3 new action-driven missions that can be replayed numerous times at increased difficulty levels. The first playthrough of each mission will be set to “Standard” difficulty before unlocking the “Hard” and “Ruthless” difficulties thereafter. These reduce the number of lives available to the player, with “Ruthless” also enforcing free-aim gunplay, so be sure to stock up on Tonics and fill your belly with some of Cripps’ Stew or your nutrition of choice before engaging with these missions at an increased difficulty level.

Below, I’ll provide a quick review of each of the missions featured in the “A New Source of Employment” telegram and provide a few tips and tricks along the way.

A One Horse Deal

You’ve certainly stolen a few horses during your time in Red Dead Online. You’ve likely even been paid for this surreptitious work by a few folks across the frontier. But this time, you aren’t robbing any ordinary horse. Instead, you’ll be fencing a white Arabian racehorse from Emerald Ranch. While the Braithwaites are negotiating a deal to get this prized, untamed steed for themselves, it’s on your hands to steal it from beneath their eyes.

This mission can be approached one of two ways. You can choose to sneak around the ranch and stealthily take down enemies in your path by using your Bow, a melee weapon or even a throwing knife. Don’t use any firearms or you’ll immediately draw attention to yourself. Now I won’t be able to give you the horse’s exact location in this article as its whereabouts changes with each mission replay. However, I can tell you that its bright white coat should be easily visible so long as you keep your eyes peeled and your movements slow. Silently kill anyone who’s in your way, steal the horse, calmly tame it before it draws notice and escape the ranch to deliver it to J’s contact. No shootout, no pursuers, no fuss. The Braithwaites will have signed the worst deal of their lives.

The second option is to go in loud with a clear intention – that you want this highly sought-after horse for your contact, but you also wish to leave behind a bloodbath for the maids at Emerald Ranch to clean-up once all is settled. Be warned however, the fight ahead won’t be easy as there’s several enemies on both sides of the arrangement that’ll use all their strength and might to bring you down. If you’re into lots of gunfire and smoke, then it should just feel like another day out on the frontier. Expect company to chase you down once you’re escorting the horse back to your designated contact.

Strangers across the world already offer various Horse Theft missions, but none of them come close to this one. Whether you go in silent or with all-guns blazing, it won’t be a simple job getting this incredible racehorse out of there without a single hit, especially on harder difficulties.

Rich Pickings

The Mayor of Saint Denis is known to be wealthy senior. His manor is large and ornate, full of expensive furniture and embellishments. Lately he’s been filling his pockets with seized jewels that were illegally smuggled into the United States. Instead of outing him for the crime, you’ll be taking advantage of an invitation to break in, steal the gems and get out of there alive.

Like the mission before it, this one can be approached either loud or stealthily, but expect not only guards to be protecting this manor, but also maids inside doing their daily chores. It’s on you rid anyone who stands in your way of the chests, drawers and cabinets that contain the jewels you desire. Grab the loot and if you get caught or just prefer to shoot them, then expect law attention almost immediately. After all, this is Saint Denis and you’re robbing the Mayor’s home, so you can expect security to be tight.

Rich Pickings is my personal favourite of the trio. Its combination of robbing a large mansion, searching for expensive jewels and doing so in the risk that a huge shootout might occur is thrilling. From the initial break-in to the escape plan, it’s all got to be figured out on the fly. I recommend approaching the manor grounds from the side entrance and from there, entering the building through its back door. It’ll save you a lot of ammunition this way, providing you aren’t caught later. Just don’t forget to take your Bow off your horse.


This escort mission is how a Fast & Furious movie would look if it were set in 1898. You’ll have to protect a wagon either on shotgun or by horseback as it delivers some unspecified cargo from Brittlebrush Trawl to either the dusty, cholera-infested town of Armadillo or the industrialized town of Blackwater. Those attacking the wagon not only chase it from horseback, but they’ve also setup numerous roadblocks to try and gun you down. Should the driver die, it’ll be all on you to ensure the wagon reaches its destination without the cargo being destroyed. Your shooting ability will be put through its paces, so stock up on ammunition and don’t be afraid to let loose. Dead Eye tonics are also essential here, especially when playing in free-aim at Ruthless difficulty. Equipping the “Paint it Black” Ability Card will allow you to “mark” and gun down targets at a moment’s notice, so it’s certainly worth your time upgrading this one and having it on standby.

I did mention that Outrider is like a scene from an intense action movie. Usually in caravan escort missions, the wagon trots along at a relatively slow speed with only a few enemies to interrupt your peaceful ride. This time however, there’s no time for a smoke break. The driver will be pushing those horses to pull the wagon as quickly as possible with enemies approaching you from every direction. You may even briefly catch yourself on fire as I did when the wagon bolted through a burning checkpoint. It was an extremely cool moment, regardless of the damage that it caused. Best of all, the wagon still made it all in one piece. Luckily, I got paid before the cargo was checked by J’s contact, so it’s no longer my concern.

More To Come – Plus Bonuses & Discounts

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your gunslinging needs, Rockstar Games has confirmed that it’ll introduce new telegram missions to Red Dead Online in the future, so be sure to stay tuned for those. In the meantime, there’s various rewards and one-time offers to unlock by playing the current set of “A New Source of Employment” missions this week. They include:

  • Complete Any Mission – Receive 5000 Club XP, RDO$100, and a Treasure Map
  • Complete "A One Horse Deal" – Get an Offer for 30% off an Arabian Horse and 2 Special Horse Revivers
  • Complete "Rich Pickings" – Get 3 Lost Jewelry and 3 Family Heirloom Collectibles
  • Complete "Outrider" – Get 20 Small Game Arrows and 100 Express Revolver Cartridges

Other active bonuses in Red Dead Online this week include double RDO$ & Role XP in Naturalist Free Roam Events, which include Wild Animal Tagging and Protect Legendary Animal, both of which will be running at an increased frequency over the next seven days. Those who’ve yet to become a Naturalist can buy the Sample Kit for just 15 Gold Bars this week. Other discounts include 30% off the Advanced Camera, Stable Stalls, Missouri Fox Trotters and Mustangs, as well as everything available in Gus Macmillan’s Store. The Wilderness Camp can also be bought at 40% off its usual asking price.

In addition, Naturalists who complete any Legendary Animal Sighting Mission for Harriet will receive an offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item. Those who are Naturalist Rank 10 or above will also receive a voucher to take 40% off any Repeater. Meanwhile, Bounty Hunters who successfully bring in a target this week will get a coupon for 40% off any Poncho.

Finally, the Wheeler Rawson & Co. Catalogue has some returning limited-time items to acquire this week. These include the following items: The Squat Stovepipe Top Hat, Raccoon Hat, Gator Hat, Plaid Cap, Pelt Half Chaps, Carver Pants, Eberhart Coat, Strickland Boots, Prieto Poncho, and select colourways of the Patterned Bandana.

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