Founder & Writer

Alan walsh

Alan is the co-founder and co-owner of FullThrottle Media. As someone who enjoys spending most of his free time playing video games, he writes news stories, reviews and opinion pieces for the games he likes the most. Despite being only 24, Alan has attended several events over his games career, including E3, Gamescom and the Forza Horizon 4 Goodwood launch experience, as well as numerous ForzaRC events, such as the New York and Pre-Season Invitationals, along with the 2018 Series 1 Playoffs in Seattle, WA and the 2018 Forza Racing World Championship finals in London, UK.

 Founder & WRITER

Tom matthews

Tom is the co-founder and co-owner of FullThrottle Media. When it comes to Tom Matthews, two things come to mind – cars and Jeremy Clarkson, and you can expect to hear a lot of that amongst his various ramblings and rants in his weekly Sunday column. Tom is the face behind he iconic Gear Knobs series, which is recorded and edited in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. He has also attended numerous events, two of which were at Silverstone – and one where an Ariel Atom he was in caught fire, driven by Formula 1’s Esteban Ocon.


Isaac Forcella

Isaac is one of our lead writers and video creators for FullThrottle, and is very passionate about both racing games and real-world motorsport. Having attended the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the inaugural F1 Live London event, and the 2018 ForzaRC Pre-Season Invitational, he has  made a footing in the world of racing and esports and aspires to continue his passion for it with FullThrottle. He’s also a competitive online racer who takes part in organized esports events, so you can expect plenty of coverage from him about real-world motorsport, racing games, and esports.


Sam Blyth

Sam might be everyone’s favourite northerner. Having starred in Gear Knobs with Tom Matthews, it’s a no-brainer that he would be a part of team FullThrottle as another of our lead writers. Not only is he a massive car nut like the rest of us, but he’s also a Star Wars geek and plays a variety of different games. Whether he’s saving Tom’s butt in Spintires or proving him wrong in GTA Online, there’s a lot to love about Sam and his brilliantly brilliant northern accent.

Web Designer

Max Herrmann

Max, a.k.a. maxxwho, is FullThrottle's web designer and web developer. He has a lot of passion for video games and is a massive nerd with an interest in technology, media and - of course - Star Wars. If he's not busy working on various projects or his graphic-enhancing ReShade presets, he likes to spend his free time playing video games, hanging out with his friends and last, but certainly not least, sleeping (yes, Germans do that). At FullThrottle, Max is responsible for anything website-related. So if you have issues with our website or want to provide feedback, then feel free to send him an email.

Graphic Designer

George Harrison

George is the creator of the graphics and logos used on FullThrottle. Being our lead graphics designer, you’ll see him create a variety of different assets used in our feature coverage. He’s massively into shoes and clothes, which you can tell from his style and  the perfection in his design work. He’s an avid car spotter, and regularly shares photos of the latest hypercars and supercars he spots around his home town. Being from Manchester, it’s no surprise that George spots so many great cars - maybe we’ll let to take over our Instagram story someday...